Photoshop Image Transparent Layer Masking Tutorial

Photoshop layer masking tutorial

If you take picture of transparent glass or bottle it will come to you with the background.

In Photoshop, it is quite harder to mask the transparent bottle but not impossible. So i am here to show Photoshop layer masking tutorial and In this tutorial, we will show you how to mask transparent object and keep reflection:

Step 1 for Photoshop layer masking tutorial:

Open the image of glass in the Photoshop . Make selection around the bottle with pen tool.
Now if you place the object in a new background you will see the background of the previous image. But bottle is transparent and new background should have seen through. It should view the color and reflection of the background. For instance, the glass has picked white color since original image’s background is white, after masking if the background is blue or red it will pick blue or red color. But here it didn’t happen because we yet to make mask for transparency. (Result image below)

step 1

Step 2 : After making selection now drag the bottle in the new background image. To resize the image, we use free transform tool by pressing Ctrl+T, hold down Shift+Alt and drag one corner to shrink the image as much as required, don’t shrink too much, keep it quite big so that you can work with details.

step 2

Step 3 : Make a copy the bottle by pressing Ctrl+J. Now create a layer mask by pressing layer mask thumbnail, and make sure your layer mask is selected. Hold down Ctrl and click on the main layer to activate the selection of the bottle.

step 3

Step 4 : To make the bottle transparent we will use color rang option, go to Select>Color Range. Before using color, we need to assess the image to define what needs to be transparent and what need.

step 4

Step 5 : In the color range dialog box select preview should be gray scale so that you can see the selection conveniently. Select invert. Pick the eye dropper and click in the region what you want not to be transparent. To add more into the selection, hold down Shift and click, this way you can add more area to your selection.
Here those areas will black what we want to make transparent and white will be those areas what we want to be opaque. Press okay.
Now you can see black portion is removed and the bottle becomes transparent.

step 5

Step 6 : Now you can see some areas have gone and some have appeared what we don’t want. Solution is simple, since we are in the layer mask, with soft edged brush by painting white we can fill and with black we can remove those areas. Select brush, make it hardness 0, and adjust brush size as need. Press ‘D’ to make default color black and white, swipe between black and white by pressing ‘X’. Paint those are with white what you need. To bring back reflection and color of the bottle lower down the opacity of brush not the layer, brush back in the middle region of the bottle, as a result we will get glass color and reflection and it will look more natural.

Step 6

Double click on the layer mask to go to layer mask property, here adjust the density of layer mask to refine the mask. Now our bottle has become transparent, we can place it on any background whatever we wish.

Step 7 : And Now you have done and think got the basics of Photoshop layer masking tutorial. 

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