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Price Quote depends on image complexity and project total image quantity

IBR Graphics Studio always try to provide price quote as minimum as possible to maintain our quality standers

E-Commerce Bulk Project Price Chart

Package include – Image background removal, hair/ fur part masking, light retouch, cropping, resize, save for web, template resize & setup

Image Quantity Project Flat Price Quote
500 t0 1000 $0.59 cents
1500 t0 2500 $0.49 cents
3000 t0 6000 $0.39 cents
6500 to 10000 $0.29 cents

Popular Service’s Starting Price Chart

Our basic image editing service stating price from $0.49 cents and we always try to provide affordable price quote to maintain our quality stranded

Clipping path service (Starting price $0.49 Cents)
Image masking service (Starting rate $1.00 USD)
Image retouches service (Starting rate $2.00 USD)
Image composite/neck joint (Starting rate $2.00 USD)
Shadow & reflection creation +(Additional $0.20 Cents)
Web optimization +(Additional $0.20 Cents)

  • Up-to 30% Discount
  • Monthly payment facility
  • We have verified company PayPal account
  • Hassle free safe and secure payment system
  • If you have any budget limitation about your next image editing project feel free share with us, we will try to provide you best service within your budget with our regular best quality full work

Just 1 time check our quality and price quotation before select your image editing service provider for your next online business project

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