How to do Clipping Path

Photoshop Clipping Path Service Procedure

Photoshop Image Clipping Path Service is the basic service of Remove Background from Image at this Photoshop Tutorial we try to explain how a Clipping Path Company do Clipping path Service – Image Background removal and why need this Photoshop service.

In Photoshop you can draw most accurate and most controlled line with pen tool. Draw controlled line by combining click and drag, and pen tool lets you edit every single dot and curve or shape after drawing lines. Photoshop also lets you decide how do you want to use the drawn path. Path can be used as pixel based shapes (pixels), Brazier path (path), path based shape (shape). In Photoshop you can edit pixel based shape with any image editing tools. Though Brazier path does not contain any stroke or fill information can be used as layer mask or to make selection. Path based shape has editable fill and stroke like Illustrator. You can add, subtract or intersect path with the existing path.

Mostly Photoshop’s pen tool is designed to make mask and selection and that’s why every path is convertible to selection.

A resolution independent path clips out object from its layer, is known as clipping path or vector mask. With the pen or shape tool one can create clipping path. Clipping path results more accurate mask than pixel based tools.

Considerable features for what designers and illustrators like most are; clipping path is exportable, from Photoshop clipping path can be exported whenever image is saved in TIFF format. Consequently, later on image can be imported into other application like Illustrator or In Design maintaining transparency.

Path can be saved in both JPEG and TIFF format file and later on also be loaded and turn into selection whenever needed without re-selecting the object manually.

Another most favorable feature is in JPEG file you can save clipping path and later on load as selection to cut out object. This is the only way to keep transparency in JPEG file.

Pen tool is go on tool when client ask a color change of an object or background even retouching hair. Car photographer’s daily tool. Car has mathematical shapes; circles, angular corner, hard lines, sharp edges and many more. So, for isolating car it is first go on tool.

How to play with pen tool

When comes to create path pen tool is the only option to use. With pen tool one can create line, shape, curve, circle whatever he wishes. Create shape with points and handles; to create shape add points and edit them. With pen tool click to add point again click and drag to create curve.

Lesser points a smoother path. In a singular motion of pencil or single stroke of brush produce smooth curve. End up creating path, hold Cltrl and anywhere in the document.

Mastering in creating basic shape will master you pen tool

Straight line: select pen tool from the toolbox, alternatively press “p”.

select path from the drop down menu.

Clipping Path Services – Why it’s needed ?

With clipping path technology you have the chance of removing a picture from the background. But here need to be careful about the degree of accuracy. By Clipping Path Service experts professional’s separate the desired object from the unnecessary background.

This type of service is to ensure that all undesirable aspects of a picture removed with high quality visuals.

Why Everybody Prefer Clipping Path ?

There you will find different explanations that why people need clipping path service to remove a background. Experts usually like to work with own hand, but those who have no knowledge on that they search for Clipping path company to fulfill their requirements. Now a day Clipping Path Service is the essential part in the photo industries so that you will find a lot of clipping path service provider they work on that.

To ensure the high quality of an image, usually pen tool used in clipping path tasks and it keeps the quality same after and before clipping the path. So that Clipping Path services getting the essentially in this aria.

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