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Ghost Mannequin Removal & Photoshop Neck Joint Service

Photoshop Ghost Mannequin Removal service is known as Image Neck Joint Service or invisible mannequin service or image back part joint service. To build 2D or 3D shapes of various garment items, plastic mannequin that used as replacement of human figure.


Ghost Mannequin is a French word that means an artist’s bond model. It is nothing an articulated plastic doll or but a dummy which is generally used by tailors, artists, dressmakers, photographers or another person who want to illustrate their dresses sense of this lay figure. For examples- T-shirts, shirt, tops, pants, trousers, coat, cardigan, jackets, bra, panty, swimming coat and other garment items.


To know details about Ghost Mannequin Removal Service and image Neck joint Service read here


Neck joint Service or ghost mannequin removal service is the vital term for garment industry owner, magazine business owner or professional photographer or image editing service provider or Clipping Path Company. This term is also known as Combo, mixture or Montage that is related with garments products. Photographers who take photographs of ghost mannequin, they might popular with these types of terms.


Ghost mannequin service is another important image editing or image retouching service Image background removal service procedure on Adobe Photoshop. Through this procedure the Image editing service providers create natural ghost effect for cloth image editing service. This process is also so much important like clipping path service to image background removal service. Basically, it is a photo editing technique that is done in Adobe Photoshop. Photoshop is famous for afford high quality ghost mannequin service with high value. It’s another name is image neck joint service as that helps to join the neck of cloths.


When we want to show a t-shirt as it is damaged without showing a mannequin or doll we use image back part joint service or neck joint manipulation. Its other name is Ghost Mannequin Service. This is an image retouching service that using Photoshop.


At that time the inner part of the cloth ruins invisible when photographers take photos of apparel wearing it on a dummy. To make the product inside visible and to remove the dummy from the photo they take another image of products inner part. Then neck joining or apparel image back part join service is requested from professional Image background removal service provider can request a quote. Ghost Mannequin Removal service needs high quality shadow creation for joint back part. Experience designer only can do apparel image editing service properly. Our expertise know the magic they always try to make new technique, method and updated software for image back part joint service and apparel image editing service.


In this Ghost Mannequin Removal service, remove the mannequin and edited the back sticker part to make the wear complete and looking professional. A patent full view of a product image is essential to detain your target customer and for succeeding in online business too. Though, it is not so easy to get a perfect portrait always. For operating cloth image editing service you can get it usually, in ghost mannequin service and neck joint service.


Neck Joint Service or Photoshop Ghost Mannequin is very creative image manipulation which is done on garments product. To be honest, Neck joint is also known as apparel image back part join service. On the other hand, for various reasons picture has taken by a professional photographer does not always make the turnkey image. Here we suppose that image editing & manipulation has a great potential to recover the post photography.


Image Neck Joint Service is a Photoshop action that involves in changing the length and quality of the neck to suit the largely image in a better manner. It involves enlarged the neck, changing the shape and size of the neck to make it look appropriate and shapely. This process is also used in the e-commerce industry to promote an apparel image editing service such as the tie or a shirt. From make it better suited, the neck is edited digitally to praise the advertised product. You might be seen some models or dummy with perfect neck on the cover of a magazine. That is the result of image back part joint service neck adding process in Photoshop.


Classification of Ghost Mannequin Removal service


Ghost mannequin effect gives an apparel dimension and show parts of the product that would or else be covered by a mannequin or model in a single shot. It’s the easy way to give e-Commerce store a professional touch and build it a lot easier for potential customers to imagine products in their minds. Ghost mannequin effect has some Categories depends on variability and procedures of editing ghost effect. Ghost Mannequin Removal service may these types:


    • 2D joint for showing joint of the neck


    • 3D / 360° Pack shot Ghost Mannequin Effects


    • Neck Joint on Ghost Mannequin


    • Sleeves Joint on Ghost Mannequin


    • Bottom Joint on Ghost Mannequin


    • For hoody type jacket Hoody Joint


    • Neck combination editing


    • Scarf showing neck joint


    • To present jewelry
  • Before-Photoshop Neck Joint Service
    After-Photoshop Neck Joint Service
    BeforePhotoshop Neck Joint ServiceAfter
  • Before-Ghost Mannequin Removal
    After-Ghost Mannequin Removal
    BeforeGhost Mannequin RemovalAfter

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How to process Photoshop Ghost Mannequin Removal & Image Neck Joint Service


For Ghost Mannequin Removal service / Image neck joint service we need 2/3 photographs of the cloth. One photo is the frontage side image after putting the garment on a doll. And the other image will be the inner side of back side or neck part. If the client needs backside of the clothing image, then the third image of the backside of the garment on a mannequin is required. That is all about ghost mannequin. This ghost mannequin editing technique makes garment or apparel images look smarter and eye-catching that helps to increasing sell. Ghost Mannequin Removal service or Image neck joint service effect presents details information about the other phases of garment products like shape, design etc better.


The effect of ghost clothes is created by having two images. One image is taken with using the dummy and other is taken without having the dummy. So the inner part of the clothes can see the dummy. After then by using the clipping paths two images are adding together at the neck joint. In this procedure, an illusion of the ghost mannequin editing can produce. Without these, the color and brightness of the image can be manipulated in an ordinary way so that buyer can be more concerned to buy the products.


Who / whom / which sector / company need this service


Who are directly related to e-commerce business and who is the retailer of garment products, mainly ghost editor or Image editing service provider is perfect for them. Separately from them, there are some other groups who are also getting benefits by using image neck joint editor. Most of them in magazines, journals, Annual sports, Annual Reports, Printing, E-commerce business, online store owners, graphic designers, stock photography companies, Movie animations, Advertising Companies, Garments buying house or Ad Agencies, store chains, online retailers, and and online product sellers and affiliate marketers etc are the users of Ghost Mannequin Removal service.


Any type of garment / clothing like- t-shirts, lady t-shirt, shirt, polo shirt, pants, cargo pants, trousers, jeans, shoes, cap, jackets, ladies jacket, down jacket, jerseys, coats, tops, sweater,  necktie, party dress, party costume, prom dress,  women skirt, work wear, children cloth, hoody, sport shoes, lingerie, lady belt, and all sort of accessible products.


Why they need this service and why they do not want publish / marketing apparel images with Mannequin


There is an increasing demand for Ghost Mannequin Removal service/ Image neck joint service for photographers, pre-press works, e-commerce businesses, advertisements, magazines, newspapers, etc. Ghost mannequin editing & neck joint service technique is required mainly for garment products. It’s also used for jewelries revealed on a neck mannequin.


Basically, if a picture of a garment is shown on a mannequin the mannequin divert the focus from the item. If we take the photo of the garment by hanging it on the hanger or by laying the product on surface like floor, table the picture will not be so attractive. To make the product properly highlighted we need to apply this ghost mannequin service or invisible mannequin technique.


It is a major perspective of image manipulation service and it is applied to manipulate the attractiveness of images of garment products, professional apparel or clothing photography, fashion photography, jewelry products photography and to name a few. If you’re running an online clothing store, then Ghost Mannequin Removal service is must for you. You’ll have to take this service to increase the targeted customers on your site. Customers are spellbound with the images of your goods, and not with the descriptions. As they can’t test your products, they only purchase goods by viewing their images and presentations. So, it is very important to take neck joint service to make product images very enticing.


To be completely forthright, Neck joint is otherwise called picture control. Basically, Photo control includes changing or correcting a photo utilizing different strategies and procedures to achieve sought outcomes. There are various programming applications accessible for computerized picture control, running from expert applications to extremely essential imaging programming for easygoing clients. Photoshop is one of the best programming to destroy those proficient ways. To be completely forthright, Image editing service provider experts control image back part joint service is an exceptionally famous component inside arrangement of picture treatment benefits and is a particular region of visual depiction. From expert group you came to know Image handling is an errand. The best case of our Image control administration is neck joint of dress thing.

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