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Photography Image Retouching Service

If you are portrait, product, wedding photographer or need eCommerce business product image editing service then outsource photo retouching service is your best assistant to solve any photographer’s edit you need. Photography Image Retouching Service and eCommerce Product Photoshop Retouching Service while is a form of art, there portrait retouching is making the image less flawless as well as realistic. In fashion, beauty and advertising industry physical perfection plays vital role. High-end glamour retouching starts from color correction, removing distraction from background to model’s skin and cloth, dodging and burning, frequency separation, and finally sharpening to sharp out your image in the final output. Here our experts’ skill and experience provide shining images.

Nowadays Photography is not only a hobby but also a passionate profession. Photography is a dependable profession. There are several types of photographer who are taking different types of photos. Some are taking photos at wedding or in event is called wedding photographer. No wedding is fulfilled without a professional wedding photographer who keeps all the memories alive in Images.

People are not satisfied with the raw photograph at all the time. They want more vivid and manipulated photos in most cases. Photoshop is the best professional image editing tool by which any types of image editing can be done. Photoshop is not only a photo editing tool but also a complete package to solve any types of retouching needs of an image.

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Why choose IBR Graphics Studio for image retouching service ?

Image retouching service is our most popular service. It is affordable and done by professional graphics designers in our company. Anyone can do retouching. But not everyone can retouch a photo and make it look natural and perfect. A poorly retouch image looks artificial and it loses its special features thus customers scroll past the product. That is why you should choose us for doing professional photo retouching service.

Today IBR Graphics Studio is working worldwide reaching customers from countries like USA, Canada, Europe, Australia, and United Kingdom. Now it is because of our service and customer care that all these clients are happy with our work. We have fast delivery Guaranteed. Our customer support is available 24/7. So if a client wants to change something they can contact us anytime. We handle your raw photos with quality protection and precision. Our employees work 24/7.So we work for you even when you sleep.  Every customer is handled with care in our company. We want you to feel safe and build trust so we ensure your product photos are safe and secured.

What is photo retouching ?

Photo retouching is often referred to as image retouching, adobe Photoshop retouching, photo-shopping or airbrushing. Basically it is when you manipulate an image to make it look cleaner and more refined using software like adobe Photoshop, adobe lightroom. The most common retouching that people do on their photos are-


Dust and scratch removal

A photo-shoot without mistakes is rare, and sometimes those mishaps damage products or props in a photo-shoot. If you have scratches, dents or other imperfections on your photo, you can send it over to us for retouching to make those objects look perfectly new again. If there is dust particles or other distracting spots in your shot, Photoshop retouching service can help you remove it for a clean overall shot.


Beauty airbrushing

Beauty airbrushing is commonly used in fashion photography. This is where the natural beauty of the model in the photo is enhanced with some Photoshop image retouching service. You can smoothen the skin; whiten teeth, change eye and hair color, Enhance the background and surroundings.


Camera reflection removal

Blemish retouching service is used on live models, but it can also be used on inanimate objects in your photo. On many photos, there are small scratches, dust floating, weird light spots or other small flaws of the image. These “blemishes” can be removed through image retouching or Photoshop retouching service.

However, Photographers are requiring several types of Photoshop photo editing service. Among these services cheap image retouching service for photographer is quite popular. Photographers are looking for cheap image retouching service to make their photos more vivid and detailed. Photographers are taking too many photos at a time while they cover an event photography for which they need to take help from Photoshop photo editing service provider companies. Professional photographers don’t have enough time to retouch their captured photos moreover all the photographers are not efficient in Photoshop to retouch photos by themselves.

Here I’m mentioning a few Photoshop image editing services that photographers are looking for mostly

Outsource Photo Retouching Service

A perfect image never comes from a perfect camera. It needs perfect camera settings and some professional retouching service to make an image look its best. Photographers are always looking for best photos to provide. This is why they need to take photography image retouching services. outsource photo editing service covers the several parts of editing. Color correction, cropping image, portrait face smoothing, Fixing brightness and contrast and some other work have been done in photography image retouching services. Photographers are mainly doing these corrections by themselves initially but when it requires perfection then photographer can hire a Photoshop image retouching service Providers Company or individual. Photographer can easily find out an efficient and reliable Photoshop photo retouching service from freelance marketplace like Upwork, Fiverr and Freelancer for edit photos in no time. Natural photography isn’t required much editing thus it costs less than other photo retouching services.

Photoshop Retouching Service –

For eCommerce Business Product Photo

We are living in modern era. Marketplace is now totally changed. You can buy or sell anything at your home. However, you will get your product from other country to your door within a shortest time. E-commerce marketplace is now the largest retail marketplace. People do not like to buy things going to shopping mall. Thousands of online shops available to buy things in one click that saves time and money.  Its obvious customers are always looking for buying best and elegant products. E-commerce shops need to show their best product photos to boost their sales and attract more customers. So taking product photos perfectly and edit them professionally is inevitable. E-commerce owners mostly aren’t enough adept to take and edit their product photos perfectly. E-commerce business needs to hire cheap product photo editor to edit their bulk product photos in a shortest time along with following the e-commerce site requirements.


Jewelry photos need to make more vivid and elegant to attract customers. This is a complicated task to retouch jewelry photo retouching. However, Ghost mannequin effect, Clipping path, Cropping, Brightening, Resizing, Dropping shadows are the main tasks of product photo editing service.

Product photo retouching is a lengthy process because of e-commerce shop needs bulk photos of their product to make their customer understand about the products. This is a reason Product Photographer merely hire cheap professional Photoshop image retouching service to retouch all the photos in a short time with quality.

Photography Image Retouching Service

Every day you are seeing high end glamour retouched photos in magazine, television, newspaper, flyers and where not. Every business and promotion needs to use high end glamour photos to attract more people. Photoshop Glamour retouching service is one of the costly images editing service. High end glamour retouch images are mainly using for commercial purposes. High end glamour retouching service mostly provided by the professional Photoshop photo editor to make the model portrait more detailed and eye catching. Most of the companies are more concern about their glamour photo retouching service because in some cases success of their business depends on their high end glamour model or product photos. Companies and Photographers are generally looking for professional Photoshop image editing service provider companies who are providing high end glamour retouch service too. High end glamour retouching is a complete package of enhancing and making an image elegant.

Portrait Retouching Service

Portrait photo retouch is a standard photo retouching service. Portrait retouching is now famous because of the digital age of photography. However, images need quality and attractiveness. Light room and Adobe Photoshop are the most applied editing software that helps in this technique, Even though creativity is a matter in Portrait retouch. Professional Portrait Retouch has some general tasks. Color correction, acne & scar removal, whiten teeth, stray hair retouching, wrinkle removal, braces editing, dodge and burn effect, blemish removal, glass glare correction tasks used in cheap portrait photo retouch. Use IBR Graphics Studio portrait retouching services for your eBay, Amazon, Shopify product photos to attract more customers.

Why you should choose High End Glamour photo retouching service?

  • 100% guarantee to retouch up in your style and work until you are 100% happy with the retouch results.
  • Great testimonial by hundreds of professional photographers who have used our photo editing service.
  • Every photographer can afford the photo retouching prices which start from only $2 USD per image.
  • Very easy to order online.

Here are some –

High End Glamour Retouch Services

    • Resizing and trimming Images
    • Grains and noise reduction to increase smoothness
    • Curves and levels adjustments
    • Color correction and adjust Hue & Saturation
    • Brushing on face and adjusting face tone
    • Healing and Fetching to adjust face tone
    • Dodging and burning
    • Adjust focusing and remove blur effect from the face
    • Fixing distorted images, liquefying body size and extracting unwanted spots


There are a lot of cheap Photoshop eCommerce product photo retouching service Provider Company who are providing high end glamour retouch service particularly. Photographers are hiring a company or individual for glamour retouching service most of the times.

It is obvious the importance of photo editing is unavoidable for today’s world. Many people are choosing their career in Photography sector either being a photographer or being a Photoshop image editor. Photographers are tending to hire a professional Photoshop retouching service Provider Company is increasing day by day. A lot of image editing service provider companies are already formed and doing well in this sector. They are mainly organizing their services according to photographers need.


An image is not only represents the imprinted object through the camera lens. Perfect retouching turns an image into an art. This is why photographers are more likely intend to grab professional image retouching service.

How to do

Photoshop Retouching Service

1. A Basic Adobe Photoshop Tutorial of Jewellery Image Retouching Service

Taking good photos of jewelry has been very difficult for a long time as it is the most complicated thing. So you need Photoshop for clean up dust, spot or light reflection from jewelry photo. Here is a simple tutorial for how to retouch a jewelry image.


Step 1.


Open your image in Photoshop. You can open the image by clicking on file menu select “Open” and select your image from your PC, or you can just drug the image in Photoshop. It’s better if you copy a layer from the background for safety.


Photoshop retouching service, Photography image retouching service, photo editing service


Though it’s not mandatory but you should remove the real background and put the image in white or some nice background color. To remove background you can use lasso tool, quick selection tool, magic tool, pen tool. But I prefer pen tool to remove background, as it works perfectly.





Step 2.


After removing the original background and put the image on white background select clone tool to remove dust, Spot or any light reflection. Though you can use other tools like spot healing brush tool or patch tool. But again I Prefer clone tool for its perfect service.


Photoshop retouching service, Photography image retouching service, photo editing service


Step 3.


Now select the clone stamp tool, you can find it bellow the brush tool. Now click and hold alt keu and click on jewelry where no spot or dust remain and now click on the area where you want to clean up.


Photoshop retouching service, Photography image retouching service, photo editing service




its need time to retouch the jewelry. But after completing your retouch it will look more attractive to your customer.


Photoshop retouching service, Photography image retouching service, photo editing service


Step 4.


After completing the retouch you can save the file in jpeg mode. And also if you want to keep a copy where you can edit later you can save a .psd copy.


Photoshop retouching service, Photography image retouching service, photo editing service


I hope this tutorial will help you to retouch jewelry or any product photo. Thank you.

photography image retouching service, image editing service provider company, image background removal service, photo editing service

Photoshop Retouching Service

2. A Basic Adobe Photoshop Tutorial of Photo Skin Retouching Services

Different types of photo require different types of editing. Here is a step by step guide for Photoshop Photo Skin Retouching Service that gives you a clear idea how it going to happen and make the photo perfect.

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Step 1:

Open Photoshop and drag your photo into Photoshop that you want to edit. You can open your photo from top left corner of Photoshop window go to File>Open then select your photo that you want to edit now.

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Step 2:

Before start work on your photo in Photoshop click Ctrl+J to create a duplicate layer so you can revise the main layer later if needed. Even you can create duplicate layer by right click of your mouse then select duplicate layer.

Step 3:

Zoom in the photo to make it more closely for remove the spots easily. Then select the clone stamp tool and make its opacity approx. 60% in normal mode to get a feather touch-up on the spotted area. Do not rush it requires patience to remove all the spots from the face.

Step 4:

Now zoom out the photo and make it window fit. Go to Image>adjustments>Curves and make the brightness perfect.

It depends on the photo light, white balance. Then select okay.

Step 5:

Zoom in the photo and select brush tool from toolbar. Select your desired lip color and make the opacity approx. 50% with the lighten mode.

Do not color on the lip in normal mode then it will be artificial.

Step 6:

Select the color black in brush tool and color on the eyebrow as same as on the lips.

Step 7:

You can make the photo more vibrant or soft. Different glamour editing comes out in different taste.

I use some color vibrant to make it more vivid.

However, in this final touch-up I use Topaz Labz premium add ons with my Photoshop to make this retouch more gorgeous.

Step 8:

Always save the images after editing in PSD format first. PSD format store all your works that you have done on this image so you could change anything if needed in future. It’s better to keep a PSD format and a JPEG format of any photo after editing.



Photoshop Image Retouching Service Final Processed Result Before – After


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Photoshop Image Retouching Services

Just 1 time check our quality and price quotation before select your image editing service provider for your next online business project

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