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Photo Manipulation Service

Photo Manipulation Service is one of the creative service of Photoshop Image Editing Service where image is edited according to any main theme and final image say slogan. For this we need to use Photoshop high end retouch, plugin, and also many high category tools.


Color correction: Through global adjustment make a balance in between Red, Green and Blue color channels to appear all the color neutral in value. Well balanced color mixture removes color cast and color shift.  Neutralize the neutral to present the same exact appearance of colors while it was shooting, refers to white balance. Color mismatch and deviation means a higher chance of return goods. Based on algorithms and techniques we bring out best of your images.


Color showcase gives you opportunity to present different colors and styles on your product image without shooting them, even you can play with textures. Modification of different parts with color and texture is effective for catalogues, newspaper, online shop.

Image Retouching : To change image theme we do photo retouching service like, removing unexpected thing from images or make any part or remove any part from the require subject and our designers do those work professionally that edited image look like real raw image.

  • Before-image colour correction
    After-image colour correction
    Beforeimage colour correctionAfter

Just 1 time check our quality and price quotation before select your image editing service provider for your next online business project

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