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Photoshop drop shadow creation service

Photoshop Drop Shadow Creation Service and Image Mirror Reflection Effect is a additional Tracing around the hard-edged objects with pen tool to isolate it from the background, is widely popular among graphic designers, web designers, photographers, online retailers, e-commerce site owners. Gradually e-commerce industry is evolving, along with growing demand and supply of products consumers are leaning towards the online shopping. To attract more visitors visual content like image has become widely common means. And to make the Image e-commerce standard; specially to replace image background with white background shop owners like to take amenity of clipping path studios. Reliable quality and professional service makes the difference. CPH Graphic Studio is the globally acclaimed Professional Image editing service Company that has been working with many world famous fashion, media, e-Commerce, printing, , photography, and other creative agencies. we provide all kind of service like photo retouching, Photoshop masking, image manipulation service etc.


Type Of Image Shadow Service


There are many kind of “Photoshop Image Shadow Service“, Like:


    1. Drop Shadow Creation Service


    1. Keep Shadow Creation Service


    1. Make Natural Shadow Creation Service


    1. Image Mirror Reflection Effect


    1. Shadow Removal Service



Drop Shadow Creation Service :

Drop shadow is an additional service in image editing field. We use this service for make an image more perfect and look more natural. When an image without any shadow, mirror effect or with bad object around the product, than we applied this Drop shadow service. Drop shadow can make an image more natural.


Keep Shadow Creation Service :

Sometimes photographer shots an image with a nice shadow with the product & it’s normally looks good. But, when a client wants to change the background & wants to keep the same shadow with the product/photos than we can apply keep shadow service. We applied different technique to keep the shadow as natural. Sometimes we apply channel masking for make a keep shadowing service.


Make Natural Shadow Creation Service :

Natural shadow creation is also most important part in shadowing services. This is the most popular additional service in image editing filed. Once clipping a photo like bottle, boxes, car, table, chair etc. the natural shadow creation service is best option to show this type of image more natural & perfect. For making a natural shadow creation, you have to clipping & making a shadow shape in bottom of the photos & you can make it by Adobe Photoshop.

  • Before-Shadow Creation Service
    After-Shadow Creation Service
    BeforeShadow Creation ServiceAfter
  • Before-Mirror Reflection Effect
    After-Mirror Reflection Effect
    BeforeMirror Reflection EffectAfter

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Image Mirror Reflection Effect:

Image mirror reflection effect used mainly on bottom of an image like bottle, boxes, jewelry etc. This additional service used to make this type of product more natural & perfect. Mirror effect/reflection service is one of the best additional services. Sometimes studio owner have their own system to make the mirror effect automatically when they shot in their studio. And, a Photoshop expert can make a mirror effect by using Adobe Photoshop.


Shadow Removal Service:

Sometimes clients don’t want the shadow which is with the image/product photo. They want’s to remove the shadow completely from the photos. In this situation we need to clip the photos around the main object only & make a new image layer which will be from the original background & this new layer will be place on pure white background or transparent background. When the client will publish this photo, then there will be no shadow.

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