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Photoshop Image Masking Service | Hair Masking Service
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Photoshop Image Masking Service

Photoshop Image Masking Service is one of the basic image processing operations this service also call Hair Masking Service. It is used to remove the background of photographs which have clipping mask Photoshop or blurred edges or hair / fur / feather portions. We can eradicate, extract or detach an object from the rest of the picture using the clipping mask service technique.


What is Image masking service in details?


The Image Masking Service is mostly needed for making product directories. Photoshop Image Masking is done with Clipping Path tools & technique to knockout the background of complex images to be placed on the advertisement display in an e-commerce website or photo manipulation. Hair Masking Service or Photoshop masking service is additionally useful when clipping mask services alone is not applicable on hair and fur masking or semitransparent or translucent images like lighting, highlights, glasses, feathers, muslin, chiffon, flames, smoke, etc.


Photoshop image masking service is known as – This is the image giving out operation by Photoshop to remove the background of photograph which has blurred or fuzzy edges, hair portions known as hair masking service or transparent known as Photo mask out .


Otherwise, a solid image mull over the cut-out or clipping path method to achieve this goal of  Image Background Removal Service. You can make a good sense about solid images here at image manipulation service and Image background removal service from any Images. And when we want to Image background removal service from photographs or images there are few types of images generally. Such as Image containing hair, image with fuzzy edge, image with transparent object and image not like them just a solid image.


Image Masking Service, Photoshop image masking service, image manipulation service, Neck Joint Service and Image background removal service is used by many type people like photographer and general people but photographers are most of them. They need to create their portfolio for that reason they use different Photo mask out like Image background removal service with an image for giving it different look for catching the audience concentration. Sometime photographers face common problem as client want an image background Photo mask out which is not available near of him or surround his areas then images clipping mask Photoshop is best option for him to full-fill the client’s requirement.


Photoshop Image Masking Service involves setting the pixel values in an image to zero, or other ‘background’ value. Clipping mask Photoshop can be done in one of two ways. Generally, some of us shared some costly information about Photoshop image masking service and also want to share with you one of the best Image editing Company who have a best Image masking service/ image manipulation service about Photoshop image masking service. Photoshop is the best tools to make an image more attractive. Image masking service, clipping mask service, image manipulation service is really helpful for them who are looking for image editing service.

  • Before-Alpha Layer Masking
    After-Alpha Layer Masking
    BeforeAlpha Layer MaskingAfter
  • Before-Photoshop Hair Masking
    After-Photoshop Hair Masking
    BeforePhotoshop Hair MaskingAfter

Why choose IBR Graphics Studio for Photoshop image masking service ?

Image masking is an alternate way of removing background but it is used for photos with fuzzy or hairy products. It is a very sensitive technique and it delivers high-quality results. There are Layer masking, Clipping masking and Alpha channel masking. All of these techniques require skill and if you’re masking hundreds or thousands of images you would need proper manpower and time. Which not everybody have. Image masking is affordable and result is high in quality. This is why you should choose IBR Graphics Studio for your image masking work.

Today IBR Graphics Studio is working worldwide reaching customers from countries like USA, Canada, Europe, Australia, and United Kingdom. Now it is because of our service and customer care that all these clients are happy with our work. We have fast delivery Guaranteed. Our customer support is available 24/7. So if a client wants to change something they can contact us anytime. We handle your raw photos with quality protection and precision. Our employees work 24/7.So we work for you even when you sleep. Every customer is handled with care in our company. We want you to feel safe and build trust so we ensure your product photos are safe and secured.

Image editing Company ensures that all your Photoshop Image Masking Service jobs are nurtured to give you high quality jobs at very low costs. Your Photoshop masking service requirements are handled by thorough professionals to give you invincible quality. Clipping Mask Photoshop is not an easy task. Efficiently Alpha layer masking an image is both time consuming and strenuous. Image editing Company’s hardworking creative artists put their heart and soul into each clipping mask service jobs they undertake. The level of complexity in clipping mask Photoshop depends on the picture to be masked as excellent points are required.

Advantages and Reimbursements of Photoshop Image Masking


Eliminate or knockout background with gradient transparencies from images

Cut-out or isolate expected image without the embedded background (in glass)

Make transparent without altering the translucency

Modify or use a customized background

Knock out background colors from images from translucent images

Allow masking for hair, semi-transparent chiffon or muslin

Make flyers, magazine covers, Create ads and lots of other items with models

Save complex outline selection with the image for later use

Our Image Masking Service Best for


Image background removal.

Fine-edge Jewelry and also for Hair, chiffon or muslin image

Creating ads, magazine covers, and lots of other items with models.

Cut out or isolation of image without the embedded background (in glass).

Transparency creation Natural items (trees, landscapes, flowers) and more.

Applying drop shadows to desired image to work smoothly with fine edges.

Models & human images with raising and flying hairs (hair masking).

Animals with raising hairs (e.g. Lion, cat, bear etc.) (fur masking).

Translucent objects like: glass, smoke, lightning, highlights etc.

Basic Idea to do alpha channel transparency masking in Photoshop


Let’s check how Photoshop alpha channel transparency masking we do. Alpha channel Masking Separating objective from background, we save it as Alpha Channel to edit brightness, contrast, spotlight, etc. later. Its file size is lighter for uploading/downloading. Single colored background is perfect for this photo masking.


To convert a Photo mask out background layer into a regular layer that supports transparency, see Convert background and layers.


– In the Layers panel, select one or more layers or groups.


– Change the Opacity and Fill values. (If you selected a group, only Opacity is available.)



Note:  The Alpha layer masking / alpha channel is a color component that represents the degree of transparency (or opacity) of a color (i.e., the red, green and blue layers). It is used to decide how a pixel is rendered when blended with another one.

In computer graphics, alpha compositing is the procedure of combining an image with a background to create the appearance of part or full transparency. It is often useful to render Photo elements in separate passes, and then combine the resulting multiple 2D images into a single, finishing image called the composite.



Classification of Image masking service


Our image masking expert team always uses updated tools and techniques to provide image masking or clipping mask services. How they do image masking Photoshop tutorial.

They are skilled in diverse image masking techniques such as, Categories of Image Masking Service:

  1. Alpha channel masking
  2. Complex or advanced layer masking
  3. Transparent masking
  4. Hair masking service
  5. Translucent image Masking:
  6. Photoshop collage masking
  7. Color Masking
  8. Object Masking



Alpha channel masking


Alpha channel masking or alpha mask is also recognized as ‘Raster Masking’ in Adobe Photoshop and this clipping mask service is mostly used for semi-transparent and translucent images as well as where the image becomes challenging to create layers on it. This technique ensures charming edges of isolated or cut-out images.

It’s referred to as ‘Raster Masking’ in Adobe Photoshop. This Image masking technique is used for translucent and semi-transparent images. It is usually used when making layers over a particular image is difficult. Alpha layer masking technique ensures smooth edges of cut-out or isolated images.



Complex or advanced layer masking


If you need perfection with the abstraction of fine stuffs from the background of an image this technique can assist masking translucent or semitransparent stuffs like hair (hair masking service), fur and feathers (fur masking service) from an image. Image’s complex or advanced layer masking is accomplished using Adobe Photoshop CS6. High quality Layer Masking manual photo mask out by hand. Masks are applied directly to layer using soft & refined edge with pen tablet. Use it to remove background or isolate object. Price may vary based on complexity & time needed.

This is another image masking technique in Adobe Photoshop CS6. This masking technique is used to achieve perfection for extracting fine objects from the background of an image. This technique is used for masking semi-transparent or translucent objects like hair, feathers etc.



Transparent Masking


Why need Transparency mask? This technique is quite useful in the smooth removal of transparent images, like a glass object with gradient transparencies, from their background. It’s also used by transparent masking. This technique is used for removing transparent images from their background. Images with gradient transparencies like a glass objects can be smoothly removed.



Fur & Hair Masking


Fur & Hair Masking Service is Separate hair & fur from the background, pen tablet for soft edge etc. If needed, then apply color, contrast, brightness, exposure correction etc to make objects natural. Photo Masking is more effective than clipping path on feather or Fur & Hair.



Translucent Image Masking


With this technique you can isolate the translucent image masking from their backdrop or eliminate unexpected pixels from your photograph. Translucent object Masking Sunglasses, frosted glass & paper, plastic bottle, fabrics like muslin, bridal veil, etc. are translucent objects with 5%-100% opacity get the service. Little light pass through the objects & images are fuzzy to identify.

Transparent object Masking the objects glass, regular spectacles, glass bottle, car glass, water, etc have 0% to 5% opacity & light can pass through it. To keep transparency & make visible color or background through objects, this image making is applied. This technique is useful for isolating translucent images from their backdrop. This technique can also be used to remove undesired pixels from a photograph.



Photoshop Collage Masking


Using this technique background can be erased of an image. It is generally used to mask images for flyers, catalogues and business websites.

This technique is used to erase the background of an image. It is usually used to mask images for brochures, catalogues and commerce websites.



Color Masking


Color masking is to avoiding the hollow line, cutting image just across the edge or outline instead of 1 or 2 pixels inside is color mask. The designers later apply various effects like color & exposure correction and retouching etc.



Object Masking


Object masking unsuitable part of an image that selected with the quick selection tool and then removed by applying masking using the layer mask. Object masking is very useful for Image background removal service or removing deformations of images.



Image masking or Clipping mask Services – Why chooses us ?


Working faithfully with our users, we attempt to ensure that the end outcome is the best possible image from the context. Manual masking images or clipping mask service is a skilled, exhaustive and labor concentrated process. Since image masking requires both experience and expertise, it will be the best outsourced to a professional image masking provider because we habituate with the following for customer priority.


  • Skilled Graphic Designer
  • We Are Always ON. 24X7 Customer Service for any Assistance
  • Two ways Quality Check with the QC’s
  • Free Trial to Check Quality
  • Ridiculously Low Rate on Bulk Order
  • Separate QC department
  • High Speed Internet Connection
  • Three Shifts Duty Plan
  • Easy and flexible business policies
  • Samples upon Requests
  • Multilingual Customer Support
  • Flexible Payment Method
  • Secure Personal FTP
  • Get a quotation within short time
  • Fast turnaround time with satisfaction guarantee
  • No need to pay till your work is ready
  • Quality control checked thrice
  • Any type of photograph/ Photoshop masking service
  • Easiest Quotation/Order/File transfer systems
  • Secure FTP (File Transfer Protocol) ID & Password for every single Client
  • Guaranteed Confidentiality & Security
  • Placed it minimally 2 pixels in the object of masking.
  • Follow the natural curves of your images.



We make available “Photoshop Image Masking Service” to


We mean, anyone who wants or needs to isolate an image and we use globally. Basically following concerns need this type of Photoshop image masking service.

  • Disturbing the Peace (DTP) studios
  • Lithographic / Prepossess companies
  • Photographers/Photo studios
  • Database publishers
  • Printers
  • Publishers
  • Advertising / communication / design agencies
  • Branding Companies
  • Store chains / franchise companies
  • Mail order companies / online retailers
  • Dealers and manufacturers
  • Personal use


We, Image editing service provider can renovate your images into striking vector illustrations with the help of our graphic designers and illustration wizards included in our image masking service. We draw your images manually or trace it accurately to produce an illustrated vector file or into a user predefined format.

We can successfully provide you Photoshop Image Masking Service. So upload yours and collect a sample job done without any cost or obligation because we are the top Image Editing Service Provider Company in Bangladesh.

Just 1 time check our quality and price quotation before select your image editing service provider for your next online business project